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About Wisdom to Heal and Love Again


About the E-Book


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What exactly will this e-book help me accomplish?

e-book Wisdom to Heal and Love AgainThis e-book will help you accomplish as much as you want to accomplish. 

If you are capable of healing yourself, and determined to face your loss, end pain and heal a broken heart – reading this e-book will give you a panoramic view of the whole process.

Wisdom to Heal and Love Again helps you to recognize and face the feelings and fears that have been holding you back and keeping you a prisoner of your past.

This e-book highlights the principles of healing so you can sort out the confusion and concentrate on doing the things that you need to do to heal your broken heart and be free to love again without fear.

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What do I do if I read the book and still have a broken heart?

If you read this book at least three times with heartfelt determination to learn how to heal yourself — and you are still unable to follow through and do what is required to master the process — then send me an email and tell me the one thing that prevents you from healing your broken heart.  Send your reply to


As soon as possible I will address this issue either on my blog, during a free teleconference call which will occur on the first Tuesday of every month, or it will be part of the Heart-Healing Tele-seminar classes I will be offering in the near future.

Sign up for my Free Newsletter and you will receive a notice when these times and dates are set. 

Also, if you visit my www.BrokenHeartSupport.com site you will see that I offer Individual and Group Mentoring Services.  Perhaps one of these options will be of benefit to you.

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Will this e-book be available in CD-ROM, hard back or soft cover?

The e-book may be ordered now in CD-ROM.

Eventually a hard back and soft covered edition of Wisdom to Heal and Love Again will be published.

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How can I give you a testimonial about the e-book?

After you purchase the e-book I will send you an email with an invitation to share your heart-healing experience.

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You mention "tele-seminars" — what are those?

Author Georgia RouloTele-seminars are a series of sessions that cover all aspects of healing a broken heart.  I will present this helpful information over the telephone. 

Any one from anywhere in the world can call an assigned phone number and listen in on the call using a land line phone (long distance charges will apply – based on your long distance carrier).  Or, you can connect to the call via the internet and listen to it live – online without phone charges.

As soon as I am ready to begin this series of seminars I will post detailed information on my blog and in the newsletter.

Be sure to sign up for my free newsletter and you will receive this information. 


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Is there any way I can contact you?

Yes, send an email to Georgia@GeorgiaRoulo.com. Due to the volume of mail I receive it may take a while before I am able to reply.

Georgia Roulo

(773) 486-0997

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What is an e-book and how is it different from a regular book?

An e-book is a paperless, electronic book designed to be read on any computer, laptop, or electronic reader.

Wisdom to Heal and Love Again is delivered to you over the Internet in the form of a PDF file. You download the file, save it to your computer, and then read it on your monitor.  E-books are the way authors and publishers can disperse their work over the Internet and through email.  This process avoids the high cost of printing and shipping, plus, it is a Green solution that eventually will save a forest of trees.

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How can I download and read your e-book?

Click on the "Click Here to Order" button and purchase the e-book in our online shopping cart system. When you complete your transaction, the link to download your copy of the e-book will be automatically displayed. Then, follow these steps:

Download Instructions

  1. Simply click on the link for each item you want to download.
  2. You may be asked to "Open" or "Save" the file. Click "Save" and the file will be saved to your desktop or any other location of your choice on your computer.
  3. Double click on this downloaded file to open and read the e-book.

If you accidientally close your window before completing the downloads, don't worry because you will also get an email with a temporary link back to the download page.

NOTE: You only have 24 hours after your purchase to download the e-book. So follow through quickly, and save this e-book in a convenient place on your computer’s hard drive.

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Do I need any special software to view the e-book?

Yes, the e-book is in the Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format. To read the e-book you will need a free reader program. There are versions for almost every type of computer and your computer may already have it installed.

If not, download the latest version of Adobe PDF reader program for free here:

Download Adobe here

Follow the installation instructions on the Adobe Acrobat site.

When you open the e-book, your computer will automatically recognize the PDF format and open the reader program to display the book.

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What methods can I use to pay for the e-book?

When you click on the "Click Here to Order" button, you will be taken to the shopping cart with the e-book already selected. After filling in a simple form with your information, you can pay for your e-book with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or use your PayPal account.

To get a PayPal account visit www.PayPal.com or call them at 1-888-221-1161.

You may phone in orders by calling 773-486-0997.

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Do you offer any other e-books?

Yes, I plan on releasing other e-books in the future.   There will be announcements on my blog and in my
Heart Healing Express Newsletter.

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Is there any way to contact technical support if my e-book doesn't work?

Sure! Just email Webmaster@GeorgiaRoulo.com with the following information:

  1. Your name and address
  2. If possible, the date you bought the e-book
  3. The receipt number (if you have it)
  4. What problem you are experiencing with the e-book

We will email you back with the solution.

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Are your photographs for sale?

Yes, my photographs are for sale. In a few weeks you can visit my gallery www.HeartHealingPhotography.com.

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Will the photographs I order look as good as they do in the e-book?

Open HeartedNo, they will look much better.  There are only so many dots per inch on your computer monitor.

Whether you order my photographs printed on premium photo paper, archival Fine Art Pigment prints on cotton papers, or canvas Giclee prints — you will be thrilled with the superior quality of the printed images.

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What sizes do your photographs come in, can I order a custom size?

The images range in size from 5” X 8” printed on 8.5” X 11” photo paper to Fine Art Pigment prints on cotton paper or canvass up to 54” wide by 97.37” long.  Yes, you can order any photo in a custom size.

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Do you have any other photographs other than the ones in the e-book or on this website?

Yes, I do have other photographs and I will continue to add new and exciting images to my collection.

My site www.HeartHealingPhotography.com is being developed now and will be up on the Internet sometime between now and soon.  There will be announcements in the Heart Healing Express Newsletter.

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Do I have the option of ordering the photographs in color or black and white?

Yes, you can let me know what you want and the photographs will be printed according to your order.

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Is there anything else I should know about ordering or shipping of the photographs?

Yes, photographs 16” X 20” or less in size are shipped flat in cardboard envelopes.

Fine Art prints larger than the above size are shipped in cardboard tubes – FedEX Ground in the USA.  When ordering these Fine Art Prints I highly recommend shipping them directly to a reputable framer because they must be handled very carefully.

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