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The relationship is over

and you are facing a break up, divorce, separation or the loss of a loved one.

Single, widowed, or soon to divorce men —
it's time to end heartache and learn to heal a broken heart.
Wisdom to Heal and Love Again by Georgia Roulo

is an e-book of poetry and photography that takes you through the stages of a
self-healing process. 

Our genders are different, but our hearts beat the same.

Author Georgia Roulo
Georgia Roulo
My name is Georgia Roulo and my mission is to help you — help yourself — heal a broken heart.

With empathy, I relate to your loss, anxiety, and grief.


If You Are Single

and going through a break up, you feel devastated by the thought of losing the love-of-your-life.   

  • You are willing to do whatever is necessary to save the relationship, but deep down you know it is over.
  • The pain of your break up hurts more than anything you’ve ever felt before.
  • You pretend to be OK, but you know you’re not — you have a broken heart.

Why Stay Isolated

inside of negative thoughts and painful memories when you can read this e-book in one hour and learn what it takes to face loss and set yourself free?

Discover you are no longer alone when traveling with me through a heart journey. Together we'll go through the stages of a self-healing process. 

Read this e-book of poetry filled with raw emotions, feelings and insight — and before you know it, you’ll be inside your own heart finding new ways to recognize and express your feelings and fears.

If You Are Married
and Facing a Divorce

Chances are you live with feelings of abandonment and betrayal. 

  • Your anxiety level is high because your dream-come-true is turning into a nightmare.
  • The person you married seems more like a stranger to you.
  • Your self-confidence is replaced with fear and confusion. 
  • You don’t know where to turn for help.
  • You don’t know how to help yourself — yet.

Once you learn to master the heart healing process your confidence will return and you will be able to live your life to the fullest and love again without fear.

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Men tell me they don't talk to other men about their feelings.

How often do you get the opportunity to think about what’s lurking in the depths of your heart, or to look for feelings that are buried behind your “strong guy” surface?

“A lot of men think if they open the door to their feelings, they’ll get sucked down a hole they’ll never escape from.”

Psychology Today
Hara Estroff Marano, Editor At Large

Wisdom to heal and love again

shows you how not to get sucked down a hole becoming a
Prisoner of the Past.

Maybe for the first time, through the poetry and photography in this e-book, you will have a time and place to explore your true feelings.

Maybe for the first time, you’ll get an unobstructed view into a woman’s broken heart and see how she feels as she goes through the web of broken love and into an emotional healing.


Photography "Open Hearted" by Georgia Roulo

Maybe for the first time, you’ll realize that great power, strength, and growth comes from being able to be honest and communicate the feelings and fears that reside inside your heart.

I wrote this e-book to offer you 

  • a panoramic view of the self-healing process
  • an example of exactly what it takes and how it feels to heal a broken heart
  • the principles of healing you will need to make it happen

I published this e-book to give prisoners of the past — the keys to freedom so they can avoid more heartache and unnecessary suffering.

If you feel like you might be a prisoner of the past – still suffering pain or inhibitions from a relationship that ended long ago — click the link below and read my letter to

Prisoner of the Past

With empathy, compassion and a heart full of promise, I am here to do what I can to help you — to help yourself.

The circumstances of our lives are different, but between now and soon you will know what it feels like to
  • accept what is
  • forgive all
  • become pain free
  • move on to create a life
    worth living
  • love again without fear

Read Wisdom to Heal and Love Again and feel your heart fill with hope. 

Let's begin,
Georgia Roulo

E-Book Testimonials

Thomas R McNamara

“Read this now! Do not pass GO … do not collect $200. Read it, let it work its magic, and when you are ready, read it again. And then read it one more time. The medicine in the words is like the photography – subtle, powerful … healing.”


Len Guardino
New York

"I read this book out loud to feel the flow and emotions. Its perfect. As I read, I heard the voice of the author, the compassion to share and help heal a broken heart. I stopped and looked at the time because it flows so well. It takes less than an hour, and made me want to re-read the book again. I'm a Georgia fan."

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