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"In describing this book to a friend —

I would tell them to take an hour or so to carefully read and comprehend every word that was written because it was written from experience to share with those who are experiencing the same kind of pain and don't know how to start the healing by themselves.

As they read the book and look at the photos, they will feel these words become a part of themselves - the part that touches the heart and soul. The more they read, the more they will feel themselves drawn into the need to end their
heartache and begin their healing.

Reading this book has helped me to understand that I am only one among so many others that have had these same lost and lonely feelings after breaking away from someone you have loved so much, either from divorce, separation, or death.

It's as if Georgia has reached into my inner thoughts and pain, and put words and meaning into all I was holding inside of me ... things I could not express myself to anyone and have them mean so much.

This is an excellent heart healing book!"

Vicki Gillig, 65, Bloomingdale, IL

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