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Dear broken-hearted woman
who wants to get over a break up,
separation or divorce,
Wisdom to heal and love again

by Georgia Roulo

is an e-book of poetry and photography that
leads you through broken heart poems into the stages of a self-healing process.

Author Georgia Roulo
Georgia Roulo

With compassion I relate to the sadness, confusion, and anger you feel as you uncover more and more repercussions from your broken heart.

If You Are Single

— going through a break up — you feel overwhelmed by your loss and the thought of living life without the one you love.

You convince yourself you will never have another happy relationship or find an ideal partner. You feel devastated because you were certain your relationship would last.

You committed and planned to spend your life with the one you love, and now you feel cheated, and ripped off emotionally. You obsess about the injustice of it all. The disappointments hurt too much.

If You Are Married

— facing a divorce, you feel lost and wonder what will become of you and the day-to-day way you lived your life, the family you nurtured, the home you created, the social life you developed, and the person you love.

You worry about your financial security, maybe even about keeping a roof over your head if you are unemployed.

If you have children your concerns double, even triple to include the weight of their fears and concerns.

If You Are Mourning

– the circumstances of your loss and grief may be different but the principles of healing are the same.


Photograph "Trust" by Georgia Roulo

All of this pain is about to stop the minute you grab hold of yourself.

Control your thoughts.

Calm yourself down.

Make yourself stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future.

Spend time in the NOW. Look for and find your feelings and fears. Express yourself. Discover what emotions you need to deal with and why. Learn to face loss, end heartache and heal a broken heart.

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Quiet your mind and listen to the whisperings in your heart while I share with you — the feelings of love, loss, and healing through poetry, photography, and art.

How do you quiet your mind?

How do you slow down and control your heartbeats? How do you surrender to an inner power that wants to comfort you?

  • You trust. One minute at a time. You make yourself trust that everything is going to work out for the best.

  • You trust in the power of yourself. You know you will activate your willpower to gather strength and wisdom to overcome each and every adversity that besets you.

  • You trust that all of the answers you need are already inside you.

Believe that you will survive this devastation and you will. Experience the feelings of an emotional healing when traveling with me through love and loss — and into the self-healing process.

You can read this paperless e-book on your computer monitor or print one copy for your personal use.

Between now and soon you will know what it feels like to accept what is, forgive all, become pain free, and move forward to create a new way of life.

With love and encouragement,
I am here to guide you through my broken heart experience and into your self-healing process.
Georgia Roulo

E-Book Testimonial

“It's as if Georgia has reached into my inner thoughts and pain and put words and meaning into all I was holding inside of me ... things I could not express to myself or to anyone and have them mean so much.

This is an excellent heart healing book. The more I read it, the more I feel myself drawn into the need to end my heartache and begin the healing."     Read more

Vicki Gillig, 65, Bloomingdale, IL

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